среда, 4 марта 2009 г.

Our brain...

At first, we see the sweet and sleepy baby. That’s good.. Here works our limbic (emotional) brain, because at that moment we have an emotion and want to say: «Ooh, what a sweet, little baby..!!!»....... :-)

But when at the moment unexpectedly starts the scary scene and the sweet voice of the baby turns a dreadful voice, at that moment works the reptilian brain, because at this moment we have an instinctual reaction – shock.

And in the end if we want to read the short praise (after the scary moment), works the neocortex brain, because it helps us to read, write etc...

понедельник, 2 февраля 2009 г.

Books, Magazines, Music, Television, Computer, Video Games, Internet


1. I like to read very much, but unfortunately I haven’t enough time for reading. I like to read fantastic, comedies and tragedies. In this time I read Stephan Tsveigs novels, he wrote very interesting facts of our life and I advice everyone to read his stories.


2. I read the weekly newspapers, because there it is written what film or the program will show different channels and I like to read the monthly armenian magazines named Yes and Boom, because there are many interesting, funny and useful texts, different tests and many news about armenian show-business.


3. I adore music, I can’t live without it. I can’t play any musical instrument, but I have decision to learn how to play piano... :) I like Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Latino, Reggie, Jazz, Soul... I listen to music on mp3, or on radio... I have many, many groups and singers that I like, for example: Usher, Stiewe Wonder, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Ne-Yo etc... Besides, I go to studio where I try to write songs, because I want to be famous singer in future and I hope that I can win all difficulties in this profession.


4. I’m very glad when I have a little time to watch TV. When I turn on TV I try to find a good film (because I like different films) or interesting program and at last to find a good music...


5. I play video games when there is nothing to do (such doesn’t happen almost). I like fantastic games like- Harry Potter and Peter Pan and different games about fashion.


6. I use computers much. I already said, that I work under site 16.am and get a useful texts and texts about armenian show business. I like this work very much. :-)


Internet places rather important place in our life. I use different internet programs rather much. I have 2 email posts. Besides, I use odnoklassniki.ru, 16.am, yandex.ru and google.com, where I can find all that I want. Besides, internet helps me to put in 16.am all the texts that I get.


1. Music

2. Internet

3. Computer

4. Television

5. Books

6. Newspapers/Magazines

7. Video Games

суббота, 31 января 2009 г.

Knowledge Tree

1. Hello! I am Srbuhi, I’m 15 years old. I was born in Yerevan-the capital of Armenia. I go to school 36 of Raffi. I will finish my school next year. I like to study English and Anatomy. I like to read many interesting books, but I’m so sorry that I haven’t enough time for reading. :( I like to dance, sing and have fun. I like music very much. I want to be a singer in future. I hope that Ill can win all difficulties in this profession. I’m very cool, active, funny and kind person. I’m not either a leader or a shy girl. I’m not so quiet and just a girl of equality. I hate quarrels and blaming. Besides, I go in for Kung-Fu. I have received 5th level in my sport last year. I go to my favorite sport about 4 years already. I want to be a master of Kung-Fu. I like this sport very much. I try to help my friends, who go in too, to be better in this wonderful sport as much as possible.

2. Well, I work under teenagers’ site named 16.am. I get useful texts and texts about armenian show-business for teenagers. I like armenian magazines named Yes and Boom, because there are many interesting news and texts about different things.
I have many groups and singers that I like and it’s very difficult for me to tell you about them now. I like for example: System of a down, Ne-Yo, Usher, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Stiewi Wonder etc...

3. Oh, I don’t know ... :-( If I will find some issue, I will tell you about it... ;-)

4. I will try to make friends each other. I hope that if there will some problems we will help each other. Perhaps thats all ... :-{